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I agree with this quote 100%!

If someone is taking away your joy, ignore them, say nothing and don’t hang around with them. There are some people who just like to rain on your parade or are so controlling they are threatened when you are having fun or are happy.

Let them go. Move on. Find people who bring you happiness, joy and love.

1000 Moments!

1000 Moments

I know we have all taken a thousand moments for granted because we assume there will be many more but as I age it becomes more realistic that there are an finite number of moments and that we need to grab the ones that are important so we don’t leave this planet having regrets….  Regrets about the trip not taken, the parent not visited, or perhaps the life not lived.

Don’t let those moments pass. Grab them. Live your life to the fullest! Love!





Oh so true and something we all do now and then!

It’s those people that complain every day about something that makes me nuts whether it is the weather, their weight, job, kids, family or whatever. Complaining isn’t going to change things or make it better. It is in the doing that will make tomorrow a better day!

So stop complaining and either let it go or do something about it.  ; )