This is why all my socks are the same color.  ; )

Hope this finds you smiling. Happy Friday!




In these tumultuous times, I think it is even more important to keep moving forward in the direction of love.

There seems to be so much hate and negativity surrounding us every day via the news and social media that it can get one down. That is when we really need to focus on spreading love not hate. To try to understand where the other person is coming from. You may not agree with them but everyone has a right to their opinion. You just can’t let it affect you.

Spread the love!

Negative Energy!

Negative Energy

There are just some people who shouldn’t be in your life, period!

In my opinion, anyone who brings you down or makes you feel less than (and I am not talking about someone who cares about you and tells you something that is said out of love but may feel negative). I am talking about people who are negative about EVERYTHING. They complain about the weather, their boss, their family, the food… nothing is positive in their minds. And it is always fault of someone else. Being around them just brings you down.

Remove them from your life! Surround yourself with people who care, support and love you.