We all have shadows. We all have dark days but it is how we deal with those days that is important!

When things go wrong and you blame everyone else, how is that going to solve your problem? Whenever you have shadows or dark times, you are the constant in that equation. So pay attention. Know that you are the only person who can make the situation better or worse.

Be the conqueror in your life!

Hard Days!

Hard days

Those days that are hard, that challenge you, are the ones that really determine your strength and who you are!

It’s the getting through those hard days and challenges that will determine how you survive. If you shrink and give up when you face prolonged hard days your survival will be much different than if you face your challenge and choose to learn/grow from it.

The choice is yours and yours alone.





I have never understood why someone would discriminate against someone’s color, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We are all born the same, put our pants on the same way and we all die. So what’s the big deal?!

Just because someone may be different than you doesn’t make them bad or wrong. The message is to LOVE not hate. That is what all religions teach.

So quit looking for the difference in people and find the happiness, joy, love, and common things you share! And you might actually make a lifetime friend of someone who is different than you. How cool is that!!!!



It seems in today’s world all 5 of these things are prevalent more than they have been in the past.

When you walk down the street no one is talking or looking at each other. They are looking at their phones. When going out alcohol seems to be the focus of the evening. When loving someone there are conditions (they have to be rich, tall, beautiful, etc.) Drugs, especially opiates, are at an epidemic. And everywhere you look someone is taking a selfie instead of looking around and smiling at another human.

Seems to me we need to try to cut down on all these things to be in the ‘here and now’ and to enjoy people and surroundings.

How about trying it for one day?



How true especially in this political climate!

We all have our own opinions and perspectives which aren’t always factual or the truth. So when you start to argue with someone on Social Media or in person, remember these words by Marcus Aurelius. None of us are always right or have the truth.

Listen, think, value, research and take your time when stating something you believe.