Do Nothing?

Do nothing

How could anyone abandon this little dog? It is the people who do nothing that have me worried. I’m not saying I ‘do something’ every time something happens but I can tell you if I see anyone hurting or being hurt or an animal suffering, I will be in their face.

Years ago 2 friends and I witnessed a man being beaten by Dallas police for no reason (We had followed them as they harassed him and took him into an alley.) They pulled out their clubs and started to beat him. I stepped in yelling asking them ‘What the ‘F’ are you doing?’ They stopped beating him and put him in the patrol car. We asked for the policeman’s badge number. We called the next day to check on the man being beaten. We gave the badge number… the officer had given us a false number.

To this day I wonder what happened to the man that was listening to music outside a restaurant with the rest of us and was harassed because he was a street person and am thankful that at least 3 of us did something.

Statistics say that when there is a crowd of people and an accident happens people don’t react. They don’t call, they don’t intervene. Would you do something?


2 comments on “Do Nothing?

  1. katyhancock says:

    I think about this all of the time and I know that I am definitely going to do something should I see an injustice taking place. I love being kind, but more than that, I love correcting those who are doing unkind things

  2. Kim Carney says:

    Bravo for you! I can’t stand to see unfair activities going on. I always think I will brave and pissed off enough to say something!

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