Always Believe In Yourself!

Always believe in yourself

I am always amazed when birds perch on branches. They never seem like they will be able to hold their weight (especially the eagles I see around my home) but you never see them questioning a landing because they always know they have wings to fly. They know they can trust themselves to do whatever it takes. They believe in their wings.

We need to take a lesson from the birds and always trust and believe in ourselves. We need to use our ‘wings’ and not those of others. We need to trust that we have what it takes to get us where we want to go.

What do you think?


3 comments on “Always Believe In Yourself!

  1. Veda says:

    Great Quote thank you for sharing…

  2. lhenson51 says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Veda.

  3. I am always amazed when I see a single crow chasing an eagle out of his/her territory and think, that takes so much courage! And protection of what they think is important. I always want to be them. 😉

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