I like this quote because it doesn’t say that you have to be an ‘artist’ to be creative. Creativity can come from anywhere.

Many people seem to think that creativity means you have to be able to draw, or sing or act or something in that realm but invention, technology, sports; really anything you can think of has creativity as a part of it.

When I was growing up I had an art teacher in 6th grade who told me I wasn’t creative because I was drawing a copy of something so for a very long time I thought I wasn’t a creative person…obviously I know differently now but I think we need to make sure that our children know that their creativity may not be associated with the arts but that they have other ways of expressing their thoughts and ideas.

They can be creative by inventing a new iPhone game, coming up with a new way of doing business or a new basketball move. Creativity can be ANYTHING!!!

In what ways are you creative?


One comment on “Creativity!

  1. In leaving lovely blog comments.

    Oh. Er-

    Any loving thing, any new way of seeing a situation, any moment I spot an opportunity or an option, is creative.

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