I bet you can recall a time when you had a ‘bad vibe’ about something? I know I can.

Anytime I have had one of these feelings, I know to stop and listen. To trust that inner voice to know that it is giving me a warning about something whether it is danger, a person, or something that didn’t make sense. When this happens, I know that I can walk away and trust when I do this.

We all have an inner voice that warns us, pay attention. It may just save your life!


2 comments on “Vibes!

  1. Oh yes! It can definitely save our lives. I’ve had a crow ‘cawing’ at me when I was about to cross the road. I was so annoyed by it, but the bad vibes overwhelming me was…wow… Fast forward, I almost got hit by a car. It was just a foot away from me! So, yes. We should all trust that little inner voice within us & the external sources around us too 🙂 Lovely article! ❤

  2. lhenson51 says:

    Appreciate the comment Healing Angels for You! Glad you trusted that voice!

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