Be Unique!

Be unique

Growing up, I was considered a ‘tomboy’ because I was good at sports, a lot of the times even better than the boys. In those days, it wasn’t cool and people tried to change you if you didn’t ‘fit the norm’.

I am here to tell you that I am still good at sports and I didn’t let anyone talk me out of it, although they tried but their reasons never made sense to me.

Everyone needs to be who they are and be what they feel. Who can say they know how you feel. Are they walking in your shoes?

It is up to you to stay strong, let go of the things that don’t ring true to you and be the person you were meant to be.


4 comments on “Be Unique!

  1. Ann Darling says:

    Ah Yes! ” Tall girls like you are shouldn’t try to stand out, you already do because you are so much taller than all your contemporaries … so wear dark colors! ” Was the inference …. and you’ll fade into the wall! Who knows but it sure took a long time for me to wear bright colors!

  2. Ljr says:

    And you were better than the boys! In this day and age you would have been an Olympian!

  3. Kandi says:

    Now, more than ever, this message needs to get through to all our young men and women. Society, unfortunately, likes to set standards that are for the most part completely unrealistic. If more people were encouraged to nurture their talents and passions then this planet would be a much happier place. I read a study a long long time ago and the number 1 regret people said on their death beds were not doing the things they wanted to do, but doing the things they were told they should do. I don’t want ANYONE to be THAT person and have that regret. I find it incredibly sad.

    If you can’t follow your bliss and do what makes you happy (within reason of course) then you are wasting the most precious gift you have been given. So many people never have the opportunity to live and I mean LIVE in every sense of the word because they are too consumed with trying to make everyone around them happy. I used to be one of those people and I no longer am.

    I like to try to set an example for my daughter and granddaughter that books can not and should not be judged by their cover. One of my granddaughters first words was “tattoo” because I have many of them and she kept pointing to them so I taught her what they were and she thinks they’re beautiful. I also have bright red hair, which she also loves. I feel I am setting and example, by being who I want to be, for her to never ever judge someone. Now with that said, I volunteer anywhere from 4-12 hours a week at the Humane Society, I have single handedly created a major fund raising event for them and have been spending my time and money gathering donations and promoting this event. Lots of people look at a person that has bright red hair and covered in tattoos and think of me in a less than complimentary way, because they have no idea who I am or what I’m about. I hope I live long enough to see that change. I hope our future generations work to change it.

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