Have you ever engaged in a sport or a hobby and become addicted because of the results? I know I have.

Thirteen years ago I was introduced to Sporting Clays (I don’t hunt or kill animals) and after breaking my first clay; I was addicted and have been shooting ever since. My other ‘addiction’ is writing this blog. When I saw that people actually ‘liked’ what I wrote and/or commented, I was hooked.

When we see results from our hard work or efforts it makes us want to go back for more and I think this is a good life lesson too… when we make positive changes in our lives and see the results it makes us strive to be and do better.

These kinds of addictions, ones that make us happy, show improvement, change our lives are the addictions we need to strive to for, I think.

What kind of hobby, sport or life change has become your addiction?

(Definition: Sporting clays has been around since the 1920s, when it was invented in England. In the 1980s it began gaining popularity in the USA. Designed to simulate the shooting of game in actual field conditions, Sporting Clays is widely considered the most realistic and varied of the various shotgun games.

Shooters move from station to station along a course that is unique to each club or range. Each of the targets is meant to simulate the flight or movement of some type of game, such as a rabbit, grouse, teal, etc. Targets are of various sizes to better emulate the game being imitated.)


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