Our Education System!

Our education system

Isn’t this the truth! When I was growing up education was of the mindset that we all learned the same way. Yeah, right! I learn by doing not by memorizing or doing things that are rote.

I happened to be at a Montessori school last month where I was taking a class that was being held in their library space. On the walls they had pictures of all the things they do to help kids learn. They have a farm where they go and learn to garden, care for animals, harvest, et al. They had posted on the wall the top 100 words you should know (let’s just say I hadn’t heard of many of them). They had fun looking projects. My point is the whole environment was set up for learning by the child’s learning style.

I know that if I had had that kind of an opportunity growing up I would have enjoyed learning a lot more. We don’t all learn the same way.


One comment on “Our Education System!

  1. Fiona says:

    So true!

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