To me there is nothing more wonderful than sitting down with a good book.

A book can take you away to places you have only imagined or a book can inspire you to learn new things. The possibilities are endless!

To me, books are like friends, there are good ones, ones we enjoy, ones we don’t want to continue with, and ones we learn from. The list could go on forever.

What are your thoughts about books?


3 comments on “Books!

  1. Jerry says:

    I agree, reading is great and rates right up there with shooting.

  2. Joy says:

    i feel naked if I don’t have a book in progress and at least 3 waiting on my shelf. I cannot go anywhere without reading materials. and a magazine is not reading material. a good solid thick book is so full of delicious awaiting delights! ah books…the feel, the smell, the anticipation of a great story… many books, too little time. 🙂

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