Stand Alone!

Stand Alone

We have all heard of the ‘crowd’ mentality.

When looking up the definition of crowd mentality I found the following: The inability or refusal to listen to one’s own instinct or ‘gut feeling’ but to instead follow the majority for fear of being wrong, ostracized or ridiculed.

It is certainly easy to join the crowd when you are at a sporting event or perhaps the theatre but I am talking about those times when your instincts or gut tell you the majority is wrong. That is the time to pull up your boot straps and do what is right… not follow the majority.

Some friends and I once followed 2 police who were harassing a man in a crowd in Dallas. The man was only listening to music like the rest of us but he happened to be a ‘street’ person. No one else seemed to care what was happening to this man but us.

We continued to follow them. They took this man down an alley and started to beat him for no apparent reason. We stepped in and broke it up. That is what I mean about standing alone… no one else cared about this man being harrassed but 3 adults from the Northwest.

Will you stand alone?


2 comments on “Stand Alone!

  1. mysafiri says:

    Wow. what an inspiring post. I absolutely agree with your message about breaking from the mold of common thought. I actually just posted a piece discussing the necessity of facing everyday fears to live a more meaningful life… feel free to check it out!

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