Soothes the Soul!

Soothes the soul Being from the Pacific Northwest there is an abundance of beaches for us to walk. Growing up, it seemed we spent the entire summer at the beach. We swam, we played, and we walked the beach looking for agates. These are still things I love to do today. Anytime I am at a beach I spend time walking, looking for treasures which mostly consist of agates. Rarely do I leave a beach without one agate in hand from my stroll. This is such a peaceful, soul soothing activity for me. The water, the smells, the peace, the calm are all a part of the beach experience no matter what kind of beach we walk. Does it speak to your soul?


One comment on “Soothes the Soul!

  1. Linda says:

    No place touches me more profoundly than the beach! Any beach….anywhere! My fav overnights while flying were at Ft Walton Beach….I can swim and play in the waves for hours! Even by myself! LOVE it!

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