Does anyone else think this too? And it isn’t just kids.

I was out to dinner a few weeks ago with friends. It was a lovely summer evening overlooking the bay and at the table next to us were two adults who spent their whole evening looking at their phones NOT having a conversation, not enjoying the view. I was dumbstruck.

I’m not saying I haven’t done this but I do try to keep my phone out of the way when I am visiting with friends, having dinner or just hanging out.

I have noticed that a whole world goes by the younger generation as they ride in cars with their parents. They don’t see anything outside the window because they are looking at the ‘smartphones.’ To me this is a shame because they are missing so much.

When I have younger people in the car with me I make them look up when there is something of interest of beauty. What do you do?


7 comments on “Bored!

  1. When we were driving through the Smoky Mountains last fall, we stopped at several lookouts. Everyone had to get out and take a picture of something that caught their eye. We compared notes after we got home. It was entertaining to say the least listening to the commentary on the pictures!

  2. Laura says:

    Oh Linda. This is such a hard one. I totally agree with you. I fight the battle in the car all the time with my 9 and 12 year olds. They absolutely believe they have to be constantly entertained with electronics (they don’t have phones yet) in the car. Even for a 5 minute ride. They are missing out on a lot, as far as I’m concerned. They have a very different idea about that and its hard to constantly fight the battle. However, I do have strict rules about no electronics at the dinner table!

    • lhenson51 says:

      Yes, Laura, it is really a different world than when we were growing up… we did the license plate game, slug bug, etc. to keep ourselves entertained.

      Appreciate the comment.

  3. Janee says:

    That’s pretty rude. We need to develop better phone etiquette!

  4. lhenson51 says:

    I don’t know if it is possible Janee’.. the phones seem to be an appendage these days.

  5. 19traveler51 says:

    I drove my 12 and 14 year old grandkids around last week. They too are always looking at a phone or tablet instead of out the window. Occasionally I asked them if they knew where we were. “Looks familiar” was usually their reply. I’m afraid they won’t be able to drive around without a GPS!

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