Story of life

Rebel Thriver has is right! We can’t let anyone else write the story of our lives but ourselves. When we are young we are influenced by friends, media and peer pressures that seem to give others the ‘pen’ to our story.

As we mature, we hopefully, begin to grab that pen away from others and take ownership of our lives. I can think of nothing worse than letting someone write my life story.

I don’t want to meet my High Power and be asked ‘whose life did you live?’ Do you? Make sure you are living the life you were intended to live.


One comment on “Story!

  1. Reblogged this on Your Core Value and commented:
    You may be surrounded by wonderful, well-meaning people, but only you can know your needs, feelings and purpose. You can listen and learn from others, but you can’t allow them to direct your life. Live your life deliberately!

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