How true!

No one comes into this world with preconceived ideas, they are all things that we learn from our parents. No one is born with hatred, intolerance, bigotry, etc. so bringing a child into this world is a HUGE responsibility and not something to take lightly.

As parents, we need to make sure each child learns about love, compassion, truth, tolerance and to make sure their formative years are filled with those things that are positive and loving instead of negative and hateful.

How were you raised? I know my parents raised my sister and I to be loving and tolerant of people and things that are different than we are and not to be afraid because someone/something is different to us. And I am thankful to my parents for being the kind of people who, in my opinion, chose wisely!


One comment on “Teach!

  1. Ruby says:

    We have the opportunity each day to be a teacher for those we meet along the way in each 24 hours. What will I be teaching today with my attitude, perspective and behavior?

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