Maya Angelou was an amazing person!

I heard a story recently where a guest was telling an off color joke at a party she was giving in her home. She was across the room talking to someone else but somehow heard what this person was doing.

She flew across the room and asked them to leave the party. She didn’t want that kind of thing said in her home. The person left.

Afterwards, she was asked why she had them leave since they were only telling a joke. She said she didn’t want that kind of negativity in her home because the walls, the pillows, the furniture, pick up that kind of energy and she refused to have that in her home.

In my opinion, she was more than amazing.


4 comments on “Amazing!

  1. Eve Shakti Chen says:

    Amazing grace!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. lhenson51 says:

    For sure, Shakti! Thanks for the comment. ; )

  3. Fiona Jackson says:

    Weren’t we fortunate to hear her speak? She was truly amazing and inspiring!

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