Dear Human!

Dear Human

Spend some time reading this…. I think it says it all!


4 comments on “Dear Human!

  1. Robyn Runbeck says:

    Wow—I LOVE this one! -Robyn


  2. Ruby says:

    That reading touched a deep spot within me. Thank you! I am going to use it today to begin a meeting.

  3. KLSNY says:

    This one made me think of a book I read recently, The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. After explaining how the universe and everything in it is a holographic projection, it goes on to explain how this explains all sorts of unexplained phenomena, from (what are believed by those reporting them) to be alien visitation to dreams to ESP to near-death experiences, etc… The idea is that as projections, we are all basically manifestations of a single energy force. We literally are one. Once this is argued (proven?) on the grounds of physics, the book then attends to what one might call the spiritual implications. “Dear Human” aligns perfectly with them. The last (?) chapter of the book posits that each one of us has/is a unique consciousness/soul/energy signature – call it what you will – that doesn’t die with the vessel, but rather re-enters the current, as it were, debriefs the life just lived, and based on what still needs to be learned or experienced, rejoins the ‘living’ to have the next experience. And as this quote says, once back in the current, there is a complete remembering, as that is the true self. As I see it, the book/theory seems to scientifically prove Buddhism. It also suggests, not just in a Hallmark-y way, that love is… IT. I believe that you and I are both blessed to have figured that one out already.

    Send my love to Deborah,


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