All One!

All One

If you think about it, we are all born the same. No egos, beliefs or fears but as we grow, we learn things from our families, friends, teachers and finally those things become ‘who we are.’ It is what we do with all of it that really counts.

Do you decide that you are going to amount to nothing because someone told you you are not smart? Or are you going to decide that that is their opinion and you know you are smart? It all boils down to what you do with the information. Will you use it as a positive or negative thing?

I decided a long time ago that no one was going to tell me who I am going to be. It isn’t always an easy road but at least it is a road that I choose.

So know that we are all one and it just depends on what you do with beliefs, fears and ego.


One comment on “All One!

  1. Eve Shakti Chen says:

    So True!

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