So, do you see it? To ‘believe there is good in the world’ it also says ‘Be the Good.’ Isn’t that the truth?

There has been some trying times lately with riots, killings, politics, and any number of things you could probably list. These things can make us wonder about the good in the world.

I do believe that the good in the world starts with each and every one of us. If each of us become the ‘good’ in the world then there will be no one left to cause the bad.

Now I know this is very idealist because there will always be ‘bad’ people but what if we each made an effort to be the good? It certainly couldn’t hurt.

What do you think?


2 comments on “Believe!

  1. Linda Marshall says:

    Amen!!!!! I believe! We actually get more of what ever we focus on! Let’s keep the GOOD NEWS in our focus and create more of that!!!!! Live from our hearts!!!

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