Stop Thinking

When I was younger, I used to think that I had to have all the answers. Now that I am ‘older’ I know I don’t need to know everything and am willing to say ‘I don’t know but when I do I will let you know.’

Sometimes we are in our heads so much trying to figure out things instead of relaxing about it and trusting the answers will come when they are supposed to.

Not knowing the answers doesn’t mean you aren’t smart it just means you don’t know! Nothing more nothing less.


5 comments on “Answers!

  1. Ann Darling says:

    AMEN sistah!!!!

  2. SD Gates says:

    Even the most brilliant don’t have all the answers – and they are usually the first to admit it!!!!!!

  3. lhenson51 says:

    Thanks Ann and SD!

  4. Rellick says:

    I don’t know what you mean? I always know the answer. Lol. Kidding

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