Getting Older!

Getting older

As a young kid I remember thinking that people who are my age now, were OLD. Well, now that I have hit that’ age’ it is true, it doesn’t seem so old now!!!! Now I think 95 is getting ‘up there!’

Even though I can get ‘senior’ discounts I don’t feel like a senior and am taken aback when I am referred to as one. I keep thinking, when did I become a senior citizen? I was just 40 the other day, wasn’t I?

Good news is, I don’t feel my age so that gives me hope but I still wonder if those ‘young’ kids think of me as an ‘old’ person, like I did when I was their age?


3 comments on “Getting Older!

  1. Jerry says:

    Boy did you hit the ‘nail on the head’, great just what I have been thinking Linda…..

  2. Linda says:

    Bruce read an article to me yesterday about ‘Senagers”! Now we have all the things we wanted as teenagers…our own ‘pad’ , car, money to spend, time to ‘hang out’ etc! It was cute & I decided it’s awesome being a ‘senager’!

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