Belief System!

Belief System

I always wonder how many people really understand that it is their beliefs that hold them back…. They may think the sky is the limit but what they believe will hold them back.

As a kid, I was very good at sports. In fact, I was better than most of the boys but I was told by a teacher that I can’t be better than the boys because it would embarrass them. For a long time, I believed what that teacher told me and I held back believing that what he said must be true because he was a ‘teacher’ and knew these things.

As time went on, I started thinking about what that teacher said and decided that I was going to change my thought about that because that belief didn’t make sense or work for me anymore. And I am glad that I did because I have enjoyed many years of different sports (and yes, I do beat the ‘boys’).

What do you think about beliefs?


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