I have always believed when people hurt they tend to hurt others. And I know this can go on from generation to generation. If this is us, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be the person that stops the pattern?

When I feel someone is hurting, I try to ‘kill them with kindness’ but genuine kindness, from the heart. I don’t believe in getting angry back (believe me this doesn’t ALWAYS happen) and I try to put myself in their shoes to figure out why this is happening. I can’t always figure it out but I do know that I can be kind, compassionate, smile, forgive and love them no matter what.

As the quote says, ‘Love is the weapon of the future.’


2 comments on “Forgive!

  1. Mon ☠ says:

    It can pass from generation to generation. You have me hipe for the newer generation 🙂

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