I believe this to be true!

I think we all can get into our thoughts about something negative that happened. And when we do this, the ‘thing’ always becomes bigger than it actually is/was.

I once got into trouble for something I didn’t do and it was such a big deal to me. And years later when I asked those involved around this, they had no clue what I was talking about. It wasn’t even on their radar, yet I still had vivid memories and thoughts about it.

When you find yourself in pain over something, take a few minutes to figure out if it is real or if your thoughts are making it bigger than it is.


2 comments on “Thoughts!

  1. cschindler2015 says:

    I so agree! That’s why we remember the negative things so vividly.

    Good luck at your tournament. I think dan said you were going to Arizona? Enjoy your journey!




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