These are wise words!

Living in the past can make you sad for all the things you didn’t do. Living in the future can make you anxious for all the things you don’t know about but living in the here and now can bring you peace because you are only focused on right now!

How do you keep yourself in the now? Me… I try to appreciate every minute and everything around me. I don’t accomplish being in the now 100% but I am better than I used to be and that is progress. Can’t ask for anything more than that.



4 comments on “Live!

  1. Joop says:

    I agree and it has Brent focus for a number of years, and staying on the now. It takes disipline but you feel so.much better

  2. Christine says:

    Wise words. Linda, that we all probably have heard many times! Just tend to forget in the everyday hectic lives and sleepless nights! Trying to remember to ‘eat the elephant one bite at a time’!! Christine ❤

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