We have a lot of ‘water’ around us daily via the television, radio and newspapers. Sometimes that information can get inside of us. It can make us afraid, depressed or angry. Is that what you want?

I think we each need to figure out how to keep the negativity that is happening in the world, from getting inside of us and weighing us down… not to let us sink.

For me, I limit my news input and how I hear it so I can determine what I receive. What do you do?


4 comments on “Ships!

  1. Mon ☠ says:

    I was of the same place where I was convinced to touch the news as less as possible. But now it doesn’t feel right when so much is happening and I am not at least feeling an experience for then. But also move on with my life then, let the feelings sink in and process them. Feel that there’s need for justices kindness in the world

    • lhenson51 says:

      I do make sure I know what is going on in the world, I think about it and try to figure out what I can do to help, if possible but I refuse to watch these things over and over again. Doesn’t help me. I appreciate your comment, Mon! Thanks for posting.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Welcome. Yes if you like for example watch some terrible news over and over, and hear negativity from people instead of focusing on solutions, then it can cause tremendous distress

  2. lhenson51 says:

    I agree 100%!!!! ; )

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