Everyone’s Life!


I think this can be particularly hard for women. We have been taught to put others before ourselves especially our families.

As I have aged, I have realized that that isn’t what is best for anyone. If we take care of ourselves first (self-love) then we become wonderful examples for our family, children and friends. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we burn out and then we are no good to anyone.

Start with loving yourself!



2 comments on “Everyone’s Life!

  1. marcahoffman says:

    This is priceless, particularly for those who deny themselves in the service of others (which, as you point out, pertains predominantly to women).

    It also leads me (as someone who always needs to stand any good idea on its head) to think that putting others first or putting oneself first are flip sides of one coin, part of a very western concept that emphasizes differentiation of the individual. What if we shift the paradigm and it’s no longer a balance of Self vs. Other, but a balance between individualism and interconnectedness? Maybe then our focus becomes about embracing life and less a concern with preserving the Self or the Other.

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