Being Alone!


I think it is very important to spend time alone every day, if possible, even if it is for 5 minutes. We all need time to regroup and refocus.

Spending time alone gives you:

  • time to do what you want/like,
  • to recharge,
  • get your thoughts together,
  • takes pressure off of you to perform,
  • understand yourself more,
  • get more done,
  • and helps you to not be defined by someone else

There are plenty more things spending time alone does. Take some time and see what it does for you!


4 comments on “Being Alone!

  1. Ann Darling says:

    Absolutely agree. Many confuse alone and lonely.

  2. marcahoffman says:

    I have always loved alone time since I was a child playing in the woods. I listened to a televised conversation not long ago that included Edward Snowden, discussing the invasion of privacy by NSA. A lot of folks say, “I don’t care if they listen in on me–I have nothing to hide. It’s only people with something to hide who object.” But the point was made that without privacy (a quality of being alone) we don’t have total freedom to try on different thoughts, feelings, and values as a means of discovering what fits for us.

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