Keep Dancing!


I love to dance whether I have a partner or not…. But this quote by Jack Canfield, to me, isn’t really about physical dancing but more about moving, leaping, skipping, and bobbing to life.

If you don’t keep ‘dancing’ to life, whether you have a partner or not, then you can become stagnate, lonely, depressed or just out of sorts. The goal of life is to keep ‘dancing’ until your last breath.

What does this quote mean to you?


One comment on “Keep Dancing!

  1. marcahoffman says:

    I grew up in a family where the patriarchical message (at least 2 generations back) was “Don’t show too much emotion; always be in rational control of yourself.” This–combined with my being a boy who was the shortest kid in the class for much of grade school–bubbled and boiled and manifest itself as a phobia about being expressive with my body, including of course dancing. I think the saving grace for me was that we were a musical family, and music became my way of responding to the world in a physical way, through playing an instrument.

    I’m not quite so dance-phobic now as I once was, but not entirely recovered either. And here’s my current take on “dancing.” To dance, you must allow yourself to be affected, viscerally, by the world outside your body, and to reflect it back through physical awareness and movement. In doing so, you validate the way we’re all connected with the world, with nature, with each other. It’s not a hobby, it’s “church,” it’s observance, it’s participation and connection, and you can’t just _think_ yourself into acknowledgment of those things. We have a body that both differentiates us and connects us to the outside. Until you move to the rhythms outside you, you don’t get to experience that those rhythms also resonate within, and that the connection is not just by choice but by our nature. Naturally, then, not to “dance” (in some way, shape, or form) is to shut off an essential part of who we are, which is what dis-ease (and in particular depression) is largely about.

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