I think this is something we can all relate to…. We can be in the midst of noise, trouble or hard work and still be at peace.

Keeping yourself calm, knowing that this too shall pass is how to be peaceful. In other words, it is being quiet on the inside and composed on the outside and not letting it all get to you. Perhaps you do this by taking deep breaths, meditating or just letting the light flow over you. Whatever you do to be at peace, keep it up. It is worth it!

Perhaps you will share what you do to stay peaceful?!


One comment on “Peace!

  1. marcahoffman says:

    I cannot always find a path to inner peace. But when I do, when I turn things around from chaos to calm order, there are a few things that help me. One is to be in nature, alone, and to simply slow down. Take deep, gentle breaths. Train my mind on the extraordinary surroundings. Think about all the trees slowly growing and all the animals that might be aware of my presence even though I don’t notice them.

    I also have some thoughts I can focus on to be more relaxed. Here is just one to think about: All the good things in this world are still here in the present. When it feels there is no good in the world, only bad, I tell myself this. I suppose it helps that I truly believe it. Even things that were good long ago and seem to be gone, are still present in my consciousness. The goodness of life is a state of mind, just as peace is.

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