Don’t Grow Old!


I believe that curiosity is a beautiful thing.  I have been curious since I was a child always asking questions and I still do. It’s because I am curious and interested.

If you quit learning or asking questions, I think the brain shuts down and to me, it makes things boring. I want to know about and understand the great mysteries around us. I find it fascinating. I also am curious about people, about what makes them tick, etc.

What are you curious about?


2 comments on “Don’t Grow Old!

  1. marcahoffman says:

    I am curious about what might appear if I stop striving so hard to learn; about what sense the world might make if I stop thinking I have to make sense of it; about what remains if I stop trying to assert my presence. I am curious about what another person might say if I don’t rush to fill the silence that follows a statement they just made. I am curious to discover if I might discover patterns in a bird’s behavior by just observing without trying to draw conclusions. I am curious to know what I might see, feel, and do, if I stopped worrying about being good enough.

  2. lhenson51 says:

    I love how thought provoking you are, Marc. And BTW… you are good enough, my friend. A heartfelt thanks for your response.

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