Have you ever wondered when someone is telling you something whether it is the truth or no? If so, pay attention to how you feel when you hear what they are saying.

Your gut will let you know whether what they are saying is true.

Pay attention!




One comment on “Truth!

  1. marcahoffman says:

    Not so sure I agree with this one, Linda. I agree that if you feel uneasy about something presented as a fact, you should certainly stop and examine the statement as well as the origin of your feelings. But there are many ways of “feeling” that something is true. Right now we’re seeing a lot of people in this country choosing their beliefs based on feelings of agitation, desperation, fear, and anger, to the exclusion of calming down enough to use rational thought and look at the larger picture.

    I use my feelings as an indication that I need to look deeper into something, but not usually as an indication of truth or falsehood.

    There is an exception I can think of. Sometimes there’s a deep, calm feeling of something being right, such as when you’re faced with a tough decision and, when you take time to imagine living with each choice, one of them just feels intrinsically right. It’s as if your whole being has taken a deep breath and the jumble of pros and cons just settles into place. Even then, I like to examine it rationally as well, just to see if I all the pieces really do fit together.

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