What would Walt Disney say if he were alive today?  ; )

Hope this finds you smiling. Happy Friday!



4 comments on “Smartphone!

  1. marcahoffman says:

    “When You Live Inside a Phone”
    (To the tune of “When You Wish Upon a Star”)

    When you live inside a phone
    You may find yourself alone
    Selfies, memes, and Facebook friends
    Soon lose appeal.

    Are you truly feeling pained
    ’cause your battery is drained
    Or is it a different kind of
    Need you feel?

    There is life
    Beyond a retina screen
    And what I really mean is
    That I miss you.

    Tell your iPhone 6 goodbye
    Come and see me eye-to-eye
    When you live outside your phone
    Your life gets real.

    –Marc Hoffman

  2. Pilgrim says:

    Hilarious. I hate iPhones!

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