When you get to this point in your life it is very freeing and I think it comes with age.

When you are young you are concerned about your peers, what they think, what they are doing, wearing, or going but as you mature you figure out it really doesn’t matter what your peers, friends, even family think. What’s important is how you feel about yourself without anyone’s approval.

Some people may see this as being selfish, personally, I see it as taking care of yourself. What do you think?


One comment on “Happiness!

  1. James Jan says:

    When you reach that stage of life that you can see the end, it is about you. You don’t have time to waste or want people to waste your time. You don’t put up with bs anymore or things/people that negatively impacts your happiness. It is about taking care of yourself but selfishly I want to mark the trail of life to say I was here, with many colourful & meaningful ribbons.

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