The Power of Books!

The Power of Books

I never understand when people tell me they don’t read books…. I can’t imaging not reading!

Books can entertain, teach, blow you away, and educate to name a few of things reading can do for you. I happen to like all kinds of books… from young adult stories, fiction, non-fiction, psychology, to New Age. They all have something different to offer.

What is your favorite book?



4 comments on “The Power of Books!

  1. Charlie Brister says:

    I agree with you, Linda. Books are great escape and entertainment. And sometimes I accidentally learn a thing or two.
    Favorite book ever: Life of Pi
    Favorite book in recent years: All the Light You Cannot See

    • lhenson51 says:

      Don’t know what I would do without books, Charlie! Yes, love when I learn something new or there is a surprise twist I wasn’t expecting.

      Appreciate your comment! 😃

  2. James Jan says:

    My former professor said the power in books is the ability for people to read & to be able to think for themselves. I still prefer a hardcopy of a book because it is the permanent distillation of one’s thought that I can hold.

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