How We Behave!

How we behave

I find that a lot of what Elizabeth Gilbert says resonates with me.

How we behave DOES have an impact whether we know it or not. When we are sad and angry, those things seep out to those around us. But so does patience and generosity. How we behave is bigger than I think we realize.

We have more influence than we think. Pay attention to your behavior!


Judge Less!

Judge Less

Isn’t this a great saying?!

With everything that has been going on in the world especially politics and the recent SCOTUS decision I have seen a lot of judgement on social media.

We are all entitled to our opinions but no one is perfect and if you spend all your time judging people for their lifestyle or what they are doing wrong then there is no room for love… which to me is the most important thing there is!

If you can’t love then what do you have?

Behavior and Actions!


If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is what I believe. To me it is your behavior and actions that truly distinguish who you are as a person.

You can talk all you like about your beliefs, whether they be religious, political or personal, but your actions are really the proof of what you feel and believe.

I am sure we have all known people who profess to be ‘Christians’ yet their actions and words don’t support those beliefs. As this quote says, “Having faith in whatever it is you believe must be shown through actions, believing is only HALF the battle.”

What are your beliefs and do your actions go along with those beliefs?

Time, Heart and Behavior!

Time (2)

This rings true to me!

Time decides who you meet in your life: I believe that we meet the people we need to meet at the right time. Nothing is by accident.

Your heart decides who you want in your life: I believe that your heart tells you who you want in your life. Your heart never lies.

Your behavior decides who stays in your life: I believe how you act determines who stays and goes in your life. It seems that so many people wonder why someone is no longer in their lives. I am going to wager that 9 times out of 10 it is their behavior and they don’t even realize it.

Pay attention to these three things!

Your Beliefs!

Your beliefs

How many of you know someone like this? People who tell you that they are a ‘such and such’ type of person but what they ‘do’ doesn’t reflect their beliefs. I am not making a judgment just stating a fact that I have observed.

We all do this. We believe that we are going to lose weight but our behavior doesn’t reflect the belief. This isn’t always easy.

I think it takes thought and action together to change so that your beliefs and behavior can come together and work as one.

What beliefs do you have that your behavior doesn’t reflect?