Private Sanctuary!

Private Sanctuary


The only way negativity can come into your mind is if you let it in. You have choice whether to let it occupy your mind or not. Do not allow it to cloud your mind.

When someone says something negative to you, it is easy to let it seep into your mind. As soon as you realize what is happening find something else to focus on; read a book, take a walk, talk to a friend… find something else to occupy that private sanctuary.





Sometimes struggles get in the way of being ourselves. We can get so focused on the adversity that that is who we become…the struggle.

When you are facing a hardship take time to remember who you are and what you are all about…. What are your morals, your beliefs? Look to those and they will help you get through your struggle.

Don’t become your struggle!

Okay to Doubt!


Undoubtedly, we have all be taught to believe things that we now have doubts about.  It is okay to doubt those things, question them and change what you believe.

Parents do the best job they can but sometimes their beliefs don’t jive with yours. A parent who has raised their kids to think on their own will allow them to doubt and figure out what they believe.

Have you doubted what you were taught? I know when I was little a teacher told me that girls can’t be as good as boys in sports. I thought about that as time went by and I knew he were wrong so I didn’t believe something I was told to believe.


Opened Minded!


Isn’t this a great one to think about especially during this political season?!

We all have our beliefs about who should be POTUS. The truth is we aren’t going to change anyone’s mind or beliefs. We each come to our own conclusions in our own way and no amount of posts on social media or ranting to people about who they should vote for is going to change their mind.

Being open-minded person, you don’t impose your beliefs on others, you listen to all the perspectives, and you may have a discussion but you don’t argue. Then you make a decision that works for you. Not imposing your beliefs on others; letting them come to their own conclusions without judgement.

I’m not saying it is easy but certainly something to think about during these last days of campaigning!




For sure!

I am always leery of being told to believe something. I am more the type that wants to see and explore things for myself before I believe them.

When you are told what to believe it doesn’t give you an opportunity to question or think for yourself. Although I will say that I do believe in things that I cannot see. Things that I trust my gut to be true.

What say you?

Judge Less!

Judge Less

Isn’t this a great saying?!

With everything that has been going on in the world especially politics and the recent SCOTUS decision I have seen a lot of judgement on social media.

We are all entitled to our opinions but no one is perfect and if you spend all your time judging people for their lifestyle or what they are doing wrong then there is no room for love… which to me is the most important thing there is!

If you can’t love then what do you have?

All One!

All One

If you think about it, we are all born the same. No egos, beliefs or fears but as we grow, we learn things from our families, friends, teachers and finally those things become ‘who we are.’ It is what we do with all of it that really counts.

Do you decide that you are going to amount to nothing because someone told you you are not smart? Or are you going to decide that that is their opinion and you know you are smart? It all boils down to what you do with the information. Will you use it as a positive or negative thing?

I decided a long time ago that no one was going to tell me who I am going to be. It isn’t always an easy road but at least it is a road that I choose.

So know that we are all one and it just depends on what you do with beliefs, fears and ego.