Doesn’t that say it all. You aren’t rooted in one spot so if you don’t like what is happening then move whether it is physically or mentally. Don’t ‘root’ yourself in one spot and be miserable if you are not happy with your life.

Do it!




Yes, move on! You gain nothing by rehashing things that have happened in your life. It is counterproductive and doesn’t accomplish anything except making you miserable.

What has happened has happened, it can’t be changed. Let it go, learn the lessons and move on. It’s the lessons that will move you forward.




This is a big question. I know all of us have something that we are afraid of.

Some people are afraid to fly, afraid of heights, public speaking, life, death, or what people think of them. The list could go on and on.

Sometimes fear is caused by anxiety, undesirable outcome or consequences. But if you weren’t afraid, what would you do?



I think everyone has at least one favorite song that reminds them of a person, place or thing.  And that person, place or thing most likely changed you in some way.

Music can take you out of the dumps, or it can make you sad but it can change you. Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a ‘world’ song that everyone loved and it changed the world?  ; )

Music is the universal language. Something that everyone can identify with. What is your favorite song? I have so many but if I had to select right now, I would say, ‘White Rabbit’ sung by Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane.



Some people don’t like change, not something I understand….

Change to me is exciting. You always learn something and can end up gaining something much better than what you had or where you were. Change opens new doors. You can meet new people, explore new places, and experience something you have never experienced before. The list of positive can go on and on.

So look change in the eye, take a leap of faith and try it!

Hurt People!

Hurt People

It is sad that most patterns continue generation to generation including hate?! Good news is we can each do something about it.

I remember hearing a story about a woman who always cut the legs off her Thanksgiving turkey because her Mom did, her Mom did because her Grandmother did. Come to find out the Grandmother cut them off because the oven was too small to hold a whole bird in her day. Until someone asked the question, this kept on through 3 generations…. It is the same with hate…. Some people don’t even know why they hate and do things or act a certain way. SAD!

But we can be sympathetic to those that treat us badly. We can know that they may not know any better and have not really questioned why they act the way they do. Greet those people with love and forgiveness. Pray that someday they will come to understand and change their ways!

True and Kind!


How can one go wrong when their words are true and kind? I think not!

Lately there have been a lot of hate and lies going around and I find that what it does, for me, is make me want to find the truth and kindness in things instead of continuing the negative. It makes me want to fight for change and make sure that I do my part to make that happen.

I do believe we can change the world by being true and kind with our words AND listening to others NOT, for example, tweeting negativity because your feelings are hurt.