I know of 6 people who are in the mist of Alzheimer’s…. it seems to getting more prevalent. Not a good thing.

I thought it would be helpful to share this for those of us who know people going through this hideous disease.

Sending love to all those going through this and dealing with their loved ones!




Be Yourself (2)

Isn’t that the truth!

Too many people don’t talk to each other and instead talk to all their friends or post on social media about the person they are having problems with. To me it is better to talk directly to the person unless they are young and then it might make sense to talk directly to their parents.

If we did more talking to each other the world would certainly be a better place!




Isn’t that the truth!

I am sure we all know people who have had misunderstandings, causing a huge distance in the relationship. And then things became so big no one remembers what the misunderstanding was about.

It is my opinion if you feel there is a misinterpretation, go to that person and work it out. NOTHING can be so bad to not try to work things out. My sense is that most of these ‘miss’ communications can be healed.

Take the first step and break that distance!



Some of my friends think that I am crazy because I talk to people I don’t know. I may say hello, hi or ask a question. Most of the time it is because I am curious about something.


Doing this has led to meeting some great and interesting people. Some who are still friends today and others who shared something in that moment never to be seen again.


I feel, that as a society, we are becoming more isolated because we have this electronic way of communicating (don’t get me wrong, I love technology and couldn’t live without it). My concern is with those younger than me that don’t know how to carry on a conversation longer than a couple of words.


We need to get back to the basics. Take time to say hello to someone. You never know where it will lead or what it will do for the other person.