Being Spiritual!

Being Spiritual

Especially the sparkles!

Yes, spirituality is seeing and knowing the joy and beauty that surrounds you. But it isn’t all about nature and its beauty. It is also about seeing the joy and beauty in every human being. Even those we disagree with for they too have redeeming factors that need love; our love and compassion.

The meaning of spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material and physical things. Aren’t we all spiritual beings?




Isn’t that the truth!

Every day we get bombarded by information on the TV, radio and social media and half of it isn’t even true yet we seem to be taken in by the sound bites and believe them to be true.

I think we are a world starving for wisdom, gentler times, more kindness and compassion for our fellow man. If we each do our part perhaps we can get back to more kind and gentle times!



I have always believed when people hurt they tend to hurt others. And I know this can go on from generation to generation. If this is us, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be the person that stops the pattern?

When I feel someone is hurting, I try to ‘kill them with kindness’ but genuine kindness, from the heart. I don’t believe in getting angry back (believe me this doesn’t ALWAYS happen) and I try to put myself in their shoes to figure out why this is happening. I can’t always figure it out but I do know that I can be kind, compassionate, smile, forgive and love them no matter what.

As the quote says, ‘Love is the weapon of the future.’

Choose Wisely!

Choose wisely

We are all born innocent. We come into this life with only two fears – the fear of falling and loud noises. The rest we are taught by those in our lives. What a responsibility!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we weren’t taught about hatred, intolerance, homophobia, bigotry, sexism, indoctrination and prejudice? But were only taught things like acceptance, tolerance, truth and love? What a different world this would be.

Teach your children well!

Judge Less!

Judge Less

Isn’t this a great saying?!

With everything that has been going on in the world especially politics and the recent SCOTUS decision I have seen a lot of judgement on social media.

We are all entitled to our opinions but no one is perfect and if you spend all your time judging people for their lifestyle or what they are doing wrong then there is no room for love… which to me is the most important thing there is!

If you can’t love then what do you have?



I am one of those people who is very sensitive. When watching TV, if someone dies or gets hurt or someone tells me a sad story, I cry or tear up. I have been this way since I can remember.

When I was younger, I thought it was a sign of weakness and tried to suppress those emotions but as I got older I realized that it showed that I had feelings and was able to feel compassion for others.

Now I don’t hide those emotions…. And I am glad I don’t!



Recently I have had some health challenges and I have had to remind myself that I am stronger than this challenge and it is making me even stronger.

When you are in pain, it is hard to be stronger than the challenge but I know in my heart that there is a reason why this has been happening and it will make me a stronger more compassionate person in the long run.