Doesn’t that say it all. You aren’t rooted in one spot so if you don’t like what is happening then move whether it is physically or mentally. Don’t ‘root’ yourself in one spot and be miserable if you are not happy with your life.

Do it!



Mistake Decision

When we keep banging our head against the wall over something, we have made a decision to keep banging our head!

It is only when we decide to change things (and quit banging our head) that show that we have made a decision to do something different. We all repeat mistakes but it seems to me that the sooner we make a decision to change that mistake the better off we will be.

Make a decision. It doesn’t have to be perfect but at least it is a change!

Negative Energy!

Negative Energy

There are just some people who shouldn’t be in your life, period!

In my opinion, anyone who brings you down or makes you feel less than (and I am not talking about someone who cares about you and tells you something that is said out of love but may feel negative). I am talking about people who are negative about EVERYTHING. They complain about the weather, their boss, their family, the food… nothing is positive in their minds. And it is always fault of someone else. Being around them just brings you down.

Remove them from your life! Surround yourself with people who care, support and love you.

Follow Through!

Follow Through

I think it is important to follow through on things whether you want to or not or if you are waiting for the ‘right’ thing or time.

Following through on something shows you have tenacity, willingness, and the ability to see something to completion. All traits most people in business are looking for in an employee and I will also say in a friend. Nothing worse than having someone say they are going to do something and then flake out on you at the last minute because they are waiting for something else.

Do what you say you are going to do!

Never Give Up!

Never Give up

Never give up.

Life isn’t always easy but one should never give up even in the dark times. What if Helen Keller had given up because she couldn’t hear or see? Or Steve Hawking? What would the world be like if they had given up?

If you are thinking of giving up, think again…. Think of those people who have had huge obstacles to overcome but kept going. It may not be easy but it will teach you life lessons and make you stronger!