This one was too good to wait for a Friday to share. It made me laugh out loud because this is what Harper does every time I go to the bathroom!

Hope this finds you smiling!




So true!

They teach us about:

  • Love because a dog will love you more than it loves itself.
  • Loyalty, faithfulness and truth.
  • Judgement because they don’t care about the color of your skin, beliefs, class, or sexual orientation.
  • Playfulness
  • Learning new tricks because you are never too old to learn something new
  • Making new friends

What has a dog/animal taught you?



In my opinion, there is nothing that adds more to our lives than animals and in my case it is a dog. They complete our lives.

They give us unconditional love, they are there for us, they ask us for very little (food, shelter and love) yet what we get from them is so much more.

There are so many things they can teach us if we only pay attention!

(In honor of the late Bella Chen. You were a great addition to your Mom’s life.)




I do believe in good days and kind people and I know that dogs (any pet) are a gift to us. I can never have a bad day when an animal is around.

I lost my dog last July and haven’t been able to replace her but recently I was taking care of a friends dog and just having her around brightened up everything.

Dogs always improve any day.