How We Behave!

How we behave

I find that a lot of what Elizabeth Gilbert says resonates with me.

How we behave DOES have an impact whether we know it or not. When we are sad and angry, those things seep out to those around us. But so does patience and generosity. How we behave is bigger than I think we realize.

We have more influence than we think. Pay attention to your behavior!


Be You!

Who you need to be

I have always liked what Elizabeth Gilbert has to say and she certainly is living proof of someone who has given up something to be true to herself.

Finding out that her best friend was dying, she realized that she was actually in love with this woman. She could have stayed in her marriage and not acted on her feelings but she didn’t. She left her marriage and potentially risked her career by being with a woman. But guess what, no one really cared! By being true to herself she was doing what was right for her and who she needed to be… a loving, supporting partner to the person she loves!

Who can argue with being who you are? Only those who live in fear, in my opinion!


Become You!

Need to be

Sometimes we have to give up things to become who we need to be and it isn’t always an easy thing to do.

Recently, I have given up something that I felt was important but as time went on it wasn’t working for me. As hard as it was to give this up, it was something that I had to do to continue to become who I am. It wasn’t filling what I needed at this time. It doesn’t mean I can never go back to this but what it does mean is I listened to myself and am willing to give something up to continue to move forward in becoming the complete me.

What do you think? Have you given up something so you can become the person you are meant to be?



Doesn’t this bring a wonderful visual to your mind? To know that there are all kind of jewels within you and all you have to do is find them? How cool is that!

What is exciting is that these jewels can be anything; all you have to do is discover them… an inner treasure hunt!

I know I have found a couple of diamonds in my life. What about you?

Self Accountability!


I love this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have read her books but it was when I heard her speak that she really won me over.

In this day of blaming others for everything that happens in our lives this is the perfect quote. If we aren’t accountable then who will be? What will we learn if we aren’t accountable for our actions? And what kind of example are we to others if we aren’t accountable for our lives?

What do you think about Elizabeth’s quote?