Friend 1

Friends are so important!

Each friend you have offers you a different gift just by being who they are. The gift may be joy and laughter or perhaps they are the friend that makes you think or the one who shares adventures with you. But by having that person in your life it opens up new worlds never experienced before.

Be thankful for all the worlds your friends represent for you.




We are so busy looking down at our phones when we are out and about, it seems we rarely smile at each other anymore. Or we don’t trust people so we don’t smile but frown and look dower all the time. Isn’t that a great way to be? NOT!

How hard is it to smile? It is a gift that costs nothing yet gives so much joy and happiness to everyone who receives it. We need to spend more time looking up and giving a simple gift to those around us.

SMILE… it does your face good!



The definition of simplicity is the state of being simple, uncomplicated or uncompounded. Freedom from pretense or guile.

When you do things like the dishes, laundry or any simple task it slows you down and I think, gives you a sense of calm plus accomplishment. It takes you away from the turmoil going on in your life and can relax you enough to help you find the wisdom in what is going on.

If things start to become like a roller coaster ride, find a simple task…

Be Thankful!


I think we sometimes forget to be thankful for what we have even the smallest things and we tend to focus on what we don’t have. The ‘glass is half empty’ syndrome.

I would like to challenge all of you to stop each day and think of one thing you are thankful for… it could be your kids, your home, the sunset, your bike, a book, a tree, flower, food on the table, or any number of things. Just take a moment to think about one thing.

I will bet that each time you do that you feel more thankful and it will take the focus off what you don’t have.

Do Overs!


I think Iyanla Vanzant got it right…. Life does give us an endless supply of ‘do-overs.’ My belief is that we are given the do overs until we get it right! When the lesson is learned.

It might be a pretty sad world if we weren’t able to do things over; to apologize, to learn a lesson, to try something again, to get better at something or to tell someone you love them. These are all examples of do-overs.

Think about the many do-overs in your life…. And be thankful you have had those opportunities!