You Are Amazing!

You are amazing

I think we sometimes forget how amazing we are.

If we don’t let others know our vision of the world how can they know how wonderful we are? We are all unique and have something to offer everyone whether it is a smile, a shoulder or our love.

It’s time to let everyone know how amazing we are!!!!


How We Behave!

How we behave

I find that a lot of what Elizabeth Gilbert says resonates with me.

How we behave DOES have an impact whether we know it or not. When we are sad and angry, those things seep out to those around us. But so does patience and generosity. How we behave is bigger than I think we realize.

We have more influence than we think. Pay attention to your behavior!

It Won’t Matter!


Isn’t that the truth!

Looking back over the years, it really doesn’t matter what shoes I wore, what my hair looked like or even the type of jeans I was wearing… mostly because I don’t remember (unless I see a picture) but also because it just isn’t important. What is important is what life lessons you have learned over the years. The lessons that have helped you to become a better person, a smarter person and hopefully a more compassionate and loving person.

It might not hurt to stop for a minute, think about  your life and give thanks for what you have learned by living life!

Zero Talent!


I think this is a great list to remember. It doesn’t take any talent to do any of these… just awareness!

I also think they are all very important in making yourself a good person. There is nothing worse than always being late, not having a work ethic and not giving things effort. Your body language, energy, attitude and passion show up in everything you do. Being coachable, giving something extra time/effort and being prepared are all ways of showing you care.

Take time to think about these and where you might improve. Remember, it doesn’t take any talent to do these… just DO IT!


Catch Your Heart!

Catch your heart

There are a lot of things in our lifetime that catch our eye, most of them ‘things’ but what catches your heart is the most important. Those are the ‘things’ to go after.

When something catches your heart, you know in your soul it is right whether it is a person, place or thing because your heart never lies.

Find those things that catch your heart instead of your eye!



Now I think this is a true statement!

Music has always been a very important part of my life. Growing up there was always music in our home, all kinds of music. I loved listening to it.

I find that sometimes when I just need to get away, playing a certain song, will take me away to another place and it soothes my soul.

Does music do that for you?



Audrey was so right!

Laughter can cure anything. A tense moment, sadness, embarrassment, or whatever state you are in, laughter seems to make everything better. It takes you out of yourself and moves you to a place of joy.

I cherish the people I know who love to laugh or someone who has a great laugh. It’s a cure for everything.