I love this!

Grudges accomplish nothing. All they do is keep you focused on the past and stuck.  Seems to me forgive and forget is the best policy.

Keep your hands free to catch all the blessings that come your way.





Yes, move on! You gain nothing by rehashing things that have happened in your life. It is counterproductive and doesn’t accomplish anything except making you miserable.

What has happened has happened, it can’t be changed. Let it go, learn the lessons and move on. It’s the lessons that will move you forward.


Negative Energy!

Negative Energy

There are just some people who shouldn’t be in your life, period!

In my opinion, anyone who brings you down or makes you feel less than (and I am not talking about someone who cares about you and tells you something that is said out of love but may feel negative). I am talking about people who are negative about EVERYTHING. They complain about the weather, their boss, their family, the food… nothing is positive in their minds. And it is always fault of someone else. Being around them just brings you down.

Remove them from your life! Surround yourself with people who care, support and love you.



I am sure I have blogged about this before but it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder!

When I was in high school I was accused of doing something I didn’t do because of a note I left for a friend. At the time I thought my life was over because no one believed me. As time went on the issue subsided but it was still something I thought about for years after the event.

Many years later I ran into one of the people who had caused this issue for me and asked her about it. She had NO recollection of the event. Nothing. Nada. That made me look at myself and see that what I thought was very relevant from my past was really just a blip and no big deal.

Let go of past!


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I agree with this quote 100%!

If someone is taking away your joy, ignore them, say nothing and don’t hang around with them. There are some people who just like to rain on your parade or are so controlling they are threatened when you are having fun or are happy.

Let them go. Move on. Find people who bring you happiness, joy and love.




Oh so true and something we all do now and then!

It’s those people that complain every day about something that makes me nuts whether it is the weather, their weight, job, kids, family or whatever. Complaining isn’t going to change things or make it better. It is in the doing that will make tomorrow a better day!

So stop complaining and either let it go or do something about it.  ; )