God Has A Plan!

God has a plan



Little Things!

Little Things

Life is full of ‘little’ things that as you grow older become bigger and more important. For example, the time you spent raising your children becomes more important as you see them grow and become adults. You look back on those growing up times and realize how significant and wonderful they were. When you were in them they didn’t seem such a big deal.

So don’t poo poo the little things in life. Together they make up wonderful memories that you will cherish as you reflect back.


Never Give Up!

Never Give up

Never give up.

Life isn’t always easy but one should never give up even in the dark times. What if Helen Keller had given up because she couldn’t hear or see? Or Steve Hawking? What would the world be like if they had given up?

If you are thinking of giving up, think again…. Think of those people who have had huge obstacles to overcome but kept going. It may not be easy but it will teach you life lessons and make you stronger!

More Living!

More living


As a society we seem to spend much of our lives proving things… proving how successful we are, how much money we make, how great our kids/animals are, what a perfect life we have…fill in whatever comes to mind. You get my drift!

We need to spend more time living, enjoying life, our families, friends, people we don’t know. Spending our time being kind and patient. Enjoying sunsets, staring out the window, or being quiet to name a few things.

More living!!!!!



I know when my phone or computer are acting up I turn them off and let them ‘reboot.’ Not a bad idea for us humans too.

Sometimes we just get too much information or have too much going on. That is the time to unplug, reboot and take some time to yourself which is NEVER a bad thing.

So when you are feeling overwhelmed, turn off your phone, computer or whatever you are doing. Find a quiet place and just sit and enjoy!