More Living!

More living


As a society we seem to spend much of our lives proving things… proving how successful we are, how much money we make, how great our kids/animals are, what a perfect life we have…fill in whatever comes to mind. You get my drift!

We need to spend more time living, enjoying life, our families, friends, people we don’t know. Spending our time being kind and patient. Enjoying sunsets, staring out the window, or being quiet to name a few things.

More living!!!!!


Life 2

Isn’t that the truth!

We never know when our last day on this planet will be… but we can do something about how we live our lives.

We can live our lives meekly, being afraid to try new things or we can live our lives ‘out loud’…. Adding a width and depth to what we do. Seems to me that is the best way to leave this place… having lived a full happy and exciting life!

1000 Moments!

1000 Moments

I know we have all taken a thousand moments for granted because we assume there will be many more but as I age it becomes more realistic that there are an finite number of moments and that we need to grab the ones that are important so we don’t leave this planet having regrets….  Regrets about the trip not taken, the parent not visited, or perhaps the life not lived.

Don’t let those moments pass. Grab them. Live your life to the fullest! Love!




Growing up, I was a very competitive athlete (as competitive as one can be growing up before Title IX.)  But as I grew older it wasn’t as important to me. I wanted to be good at what I did, even the best, but it was more about getting better at what I was doing and also the interaction with others and working together as a team.

As life has progressed, I have no desire to be better than the other person but rather to be a better person, a better me at whatever I do. I strive to learn something new every day, be a better me and live my life to the fullest!

What’s important to you?



How many people really live? I think a lot people just walk through life existing….Why? Is it because it is easier? Safer? Or?

People who live their lives just seem to do a better job at living and one of the key things they possess, I think, is happiness. They seem to like themselves, don’t worry about what other people think, and they do things because they want to do them!

So, if you feel that you aren’t really living your life… take the example from those that do…. be happy, like yourself, don’t worry and do what you want to do!

Love Your F**king Life!


Our lives can be snuffed out in a second… why waste it?! Love is what it is all about as far as I am concerned. Loving life, family, friends, strangers, everything!

Having the ‘F-bomb’ in this quote may offend someone, but I think it makes an important point and one that brings everything to the forefront! We need to take our lives and make them worth remembering even if it is just for ourselves.

So get out and enjoy your fucking life… don’t waste it!