In these days of ‘Fake News’ we need to be thankful. I know I spend a lot more time researching information than I used to do. I don’t take anything at face value anymore.

So, that makes me thankful for the lies because I have to figure out what I believe and what I won’t. It makes me find my truth.

Find those lies that bring you to the truth!




Oh so true!

I believe it is more important to see the beauty in someone by who they are rather than their looks or what they say because, as we all know, beauty fades and words are just words. It is the actions of people that make them beautiful or ugly.

Look beyond the facade and watch how people act. Watch how they treat others: their spouse, neighbor, waitperson, or an animal. It will show you a lot about that person.



There is so much beauty all around us if we only pay attention!

If you really ‘see’ (and I will add listen) you will notice all the wonderful things around you every day. By taking a few minutes to look around you may be surprised at what you see.

As I look out my window I see birds coming to the feeders, a camellia in bloom, daffodils shooting out of the ground, birds flying in and out of the trees, buds on the hydrangea, and the sound of sea lions.  All making me smile because it shows that spring is just around the corner!



When we are in the middle of things, we don’t always see the miracles that happen around us. They may be so small that they go unnoticed…. But as the quote says, ‘they will add up to a positive change.’

Sometimes we need to just stop and take stock in what is going on around us and perhaps see if maybe just maybe God has sent us miracles that we hadn’t noticed. What a gift, right?!

So if you can’t find a small miracle know that they will add up to positive changes for you.

Catch Your Heart!

Catch your heart

There are a lot of things in our lifetime that catch our eye, most of them ‘things’ but what catches your heart is the most important. Those are the ‘things’ to go after.

When something catches your heart, you know in your soul it is right whether it is a person, place or thing because your heart never lies.

Find those things that catch your heart instead of your eye!