We are so busy looking down at our phones when we are out and about, it seems we rarely smile at each other anymore. Or we don’t trust people so we don’t smile but frown and look dower all the time. Isn’t that a great way to be? NOT!

How hard is it to smile? It is a gift that costs nothing yet gives so much joy and happiness to everyone who receives it. We need to spend more time looking up and giving a simple gift to those around us.

SMILE… it does your face good!

Collect Good People!

Collect good people

That is the truth!

It isn’t always easy to find truly ‘good’ people but when you do, make sure you love and protect them the best you can. We all need good people in our lives. Those that let us be who we are without judgement yet they will tell you when we are being ridiculous or need a swift kick.

Love and cherish all the good people in your life!

More Living!

More living


As a society we seem to spend much of our lives proving things… proving how successful we are, how much money we make, how great our kids/animals are, what a perfect life we have…fill in whatever comes to mind. You get my drift!

We need to spend more time living, enjoying life, our families, friends, people we don’t know. Spending our time being kind and patient. Enjoying sunsets, staring out the window, or being quiet to name a few things.

More living!!!!!



There seems, to me, to be a lot more hate in the world! What is wrong with us as a civilization? Why is there so much hate? It doesn’t solve anything.

Hate: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger or sense of injury; extreme dislike or disgust.

What can be SO awful that you hate someone? Just because someone doesn’t believe the same as you, doesn’t make them a bad person. They are just different than you and believe differently.

It’s time for all of us to stand up for any type of abhorrence we see happening around us, whether big or small. It’s time to shine through with love and acceptance! Let’s make this country a place we can be proud of, not ashamed!



Not blaming boys/men here but this is what young girls/women hear all the time. Advertising bombards women every day about body image. It’s all around ‘looks’…. Ugh!

We are all different, we all have flaws, we all aren’t models nor should we try to be. No matter what you look like, you are wonderful. Love yourself no matter what.

Eat healthy, exercise and treat yourself with love and respect!






I have never understood why someone would discriminate against someone’s color, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We are all born the same, put our pants on the same way and we all die. So what’s the big deal?!

Just because someone may be different than you doesn’t make them bad or wrong. The message is to LOVE not hate. That is what all religions teach.

So quit looking for the difference in people and find the happiness, joy, love, and common things you share! And you might actually make a lifetime friend of someone who is different than you. How cool is that!!!!



It seems in today’s world all 5 of these things are prevalent more than they have been in the past.

When you walk down the street no one is talking or looking at each other. They are looking at their phones. When going out alcohol seems to be the focus of the evening. When loving someone there are conditions (they have to be rich, tall, beautiful, etc.) Drugs, especially opiates, are at an epidemic. And everywhere you look someone is taking a selfie instead of looking around and smiling at another human.

Seems to me we need to try to cut down on all these things to be in the ‘here and now’ and to enjoy people and surroundings.

How about trying it for one day?