Private Sanctuary!

Private Sanctuary


The only way negativity can come into your mind is if you let it in. You have choice whether to let it occupy your mind or not. Do not allow it to cloud your mind.

When someone says something negative to you, it is easy to let it seep into your mind. As soon as you realize what is happening find something else to focus on; read a book, take a walk, talk to a friend… find something else to occupy that private sanctuary.





It all seems so simple yet most of us don’t take the time to heal our body with play, our mind with laughter and our spirit with joy.

Why not take a minute out of your day to do just one of these things for yourself and see what it does. I bet you will be surprised!

Do it!



There are a lot of times that we get so caught up in life that we forget to enjoy it because we have made things so serious.

Life isn’t meant to be all serious and being completely in our minds. We need to make time to remember to laugh, sing, smile, be joyful, playful and just have fun!

Life ISN’T as serious as the mind makes it out to be, thankfully!!!!!

PS Happy Birthday, Sissy!

Flowers or Weeds!

Flowers or weeds

Flowers or weeds, that’s the question!

I am pretty sure we would all prefer to have flowers growing in our minds but sometimes we grow weeds. In life, if you plant enough flowers they will choke out the weeds… meaning the more positive thoughts we have the less room there is for negativity.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Are you planting more weeds than flowers?



Socrates obviously was a smart man! And I love the visual of a brain and a light bulb looking like a growing tree telling us that strong minds discuss ideas, learn, grow and create. Where average minds discuss events like what happened at work and weak minds gossip.

We all fall within each of these on a daily basis but my hope is that we all strive to have a strong mind where we collaborate, learn, share and grow.

Here’s to creating strong minds!



The mind is a terrible thing to waste and this is why I love this quote by BB King.

I love learning new things, always have. It excites me to learn something new whether it be about a person, place or thing. That information can never be taken from me. This new knowledge I learn always seems to be needed, whether at that exact time or sometime in the future. That is what is so cool about learning.

What is your favorite thing to learn?

Okay to Doubt!


Undoubtedly, we have all be taught to believe things that we now have doubts about.  It is okay to doubt those things, question them and change what you believe.

Parents do the best job they can but sometimes their beliefs don’t jive with yours. A parent who has raised their kids to think on their own will allow them to doubt and figure out what they believe.

Have you doubted what you were taught? I know when I was little a teacher told me that girls can’t be as good as boys in sports. I thought about that as time went by and I knew he were wrong so I didn’t believe something I was told to believe.